Sporty Chic

A few days ago, a friend asked how we would describe her style in two words and Androgynous Chic came up. Honestly i relate to androgyny because as much as i love a good pair of heels and a nice pencil skirt, people who know me well know how much i love menswear and that i love a good pair of boots(doc martens preferrably) oh and suit trousers don’t hurt.

However i asked my friends what they’d define my style as and a lot of options popped up; Sexy Bohemian, Sporty Chic, Urban Retro… the best one however was Funky Reworked and really that I think that’s my style encapsulated and that’s probably becaues it covers every other thought mentioned by my friends and believe me i’m sure that as i continue to blog you see this apparent.


However, i decided to do a post based on one of the thoughts that came up; Sporty chic and i absolutely loved this shoot, probably because as long as i can wear sneakers and a very comfortable cable knit skirt, i’m good. Truth be told a white tee is probably my new favourite thing and this is thanks to NYSC, wearing white tee shirts every day for three weeks and once every week for almost 11 months just helps you gain a new appreciation for a white tee.