White pants as the base of wardrobe: How to wear them?


This piece is definitely not just a matter of summer. On the contrary. Your wardrobe should have its place all year round. You ask how to wear them?


If white pants are taboo for you, it's time to change that. Believe that they look best in the winter. Forget all prejudices and wear them with pleasure. You will see that white will be a great restoration of otherwise boring black. This color will light up not only you but also the gloomy streets. Whether you choose ageless denim, trendy bell-pants or trousers in a men's style, you don't step next.


To avoid a faux pas, combine it with a long coat. Choose from faux fur coats, trench coats or wool coats. Include a cleaning roller and wet wipes in your purse. White will look best in combination with creamy, brown, gray, or millennial pink. Winter white outfits are also a great choice. But they ask for a little more caution. But the end result is worth it!