What is Styberry?

Styberry helps bloggers make a living doing what they love while inspiring others. You can read tailored content about fashion, beauty and lifestyle and shop hand-picked products.

For Bloggers

Have you ever wanted to set up your blog? But you are ready to give up after you see how much time you need to invest in searching for a free domain name, choosing a platform and tweaking the design? You are not the only one! Let us handle the technical stuff, so you can concentrate on what you love: blogging.

Benefits for Bloggers:

  1. Get your free domain name with us: www.yourblogname.styberry.com (coming soon)
  2. Set up your blog in minutes, so you can start blogging right away
  3. Earn commissions when your readers shop your recommendations.

For Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Enthusiasts

You are obsessed with fashion and beauty trends and are constantly following bloggers on Instagram or you have a collection of Facebook Pages you like, a reader app and are constantly bookmarking websites on your phone just to keep yourself up-to date? Styberry will help you follow all bloggers in one place! You can read and save your favorite blog posts for later. Also, in case you want to know what your style icons wear, you can shop the products that they recommend in their blog posts. Last but not least, you only see relevant content for you by following specific tags.

Benefits for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Enthusiasts

  1. Follow only relevant content
  2. Discover new blogs based on your interests.
  3. Shop products recommended by bloggers.

Meet the team

Iglika Mateeva

Co-founder & CEO

Ivan Drinchev

Co-founder & CTO