You Need to See the Newest Saks Off Fifth!

Inside the Amazing Saks Off Fifth


After almost 2 months, I finally got a chance to check out the new Saks Off Fifth location on East 57th street. It was more than worth the wait! A standard two-floor shop has just enough to keep you entertained, but this location goes above and beyond expectations. It’s like your dream closet and favorite designers had a baby; Let’s call it the Mecca of designer discount. 


When you first walk through the revolving doors, it almost looks like you’re in the wrong place. (Think: an office building or high-end bank.) But, the down escalator lets you know you got it right.


City-inspired posters emblazoned with “Fashion blogger status achieved,” and ” Mistaken for a Celebrity,” set the scene as you move toward it’s first floor. There, the abundance of jewelry, accessories and shoes alone will have you ready to start sifting through racks.

Once you do, it’ll be hard to stop. Every angle you turn, there’s a chic bag to inspect or a new brand to try out. (Mine was “Finders Keepers.”) The temptation to buy only gets worse when you step near the designer items on the basement floor or Gilt‘s appointment-only concept shop on the first.


For every woman that loves shopping, I can only describe it as this:  The walkway through each section becomes a yellow brick road and every rack is Oz.


You can actually touch the clothes you’ve been ogling  for months on Polyvore and the latest runway shots! But, you almost won’t want to when you see every item still runs for thousands of dollars; I saw a chic green Dior skirt for over $2000 with a retail price of over $6000! (Way out of my price range but so cute to look at.)


Like with all great things, however, there is a catch. Since this is a new store, one of the sales associates told me that they don’t have any markdown sections yet. I know, it’s a bit of a let down. But, there should be some clearance areas in a few months. (You know I’ll be ready for them!)


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