What to Pack for that big Memorial Day Trip

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Memorial Day weekend is almost here and I know some of you have big plans for it.  If you've seen my full blog, you probably already read my vacation hacks article for all the best travel savings tricks. Now, I'm here to help  you pack:


Start with the basics.
Your favorite shampoo, soap, contact solution and toothpaste may not be available in another county. (Or it can just cost an insane amount of money!) So, pack these first in a size fit for your vacation length. You don’t need a full-sized bottle in your checked-baggage if you’re justing going for a week.


Go for your most chic and versatile looks.
Think like you are about to pack a capsule wardrobe. Choose different shorts, tanks, tops and shirts that can make a few outfits. The variety of options should keep you from over-packing and it won’t “box you into” a specific look once you reach that awesome destination.


If you’re going on vacation with a good friend, don’t do double duty. 
You don’t need two things of sunblock, two hairdryers or two cans of hairspray for just a few days away. Plan ahead with whomever your traveling with so you don’t pack twice as much for no reason. You can even do a shared Google Doc to keep track of everything you’re both packing.


One more, very important thing:
Don’t forget to check what you’re packing against the TSA/Airline regulations. The last thing you want is being searched at the airport and missing your flight over something seemingly silly. (Having luggage that’s overweight won’t be fun either.)


Hope these suggestions help! If you liked them, see my full list of tips on StylisticReaction.com and please, have a wonderful vacation!