Teen Vogue x Parsons: Retail Marketing

Whenever you go shopping, the last thing you probably think about is why the physical store is designed the way it is. My instinct, at least, is to look around as I walk through the store, see if anything catches my eye, and go towards that section first. What isn't top of mind is that each store is developed to make sure their clearence, new items and other sections specifically draw you in.


Case and point: as I walked though the store, I was instantly drawn to this display for the Simply Vera Wang brand that is exclusively at Kohl's.




On top of using a prominant brand name in larger font, it drew upon the rule of thirds and displayed the clothing in a way that allows the customer to envision each piece of clothing on her. The center image provides a styling option as well as gives the collection an aesthetic as if it belongs within the pages of an editorial spread, such as in a fashion magazine.




It's position behind the racks near the center walkway with a clear path to the photo, also draws the consumer in. Once they get closer, this allows the conusmer to be surrounded by product and more inclined to shop than if they were just walking down the center aisles. The complementary colors and placement of racks containing the same line also encourages shoppers to easily pick an outfit. Each rack is set to catch his or her attention as well with ready-made outfit combinations selected by the store.