Teen Vogue x Parsons: Production Standards

For this assignemnt, we had to go to a store and try on something in the same size from different designers. Anyone who's gone shopping knows that one size in one brand can be comepletely different than the same size from another brand. One item can give you more room while the other can be skin-tight and still go by the same number.  Today, I proved it, again.


After trying on about 7 tops at Kohl's from Jennifer Lopez, Lauren Conrad, Rock & Republic, Apt. 9, Simply Vera Wang and others, , all in the same size, I only found two that fit correctly. That was a little shocking and certainly explains why a trip to the mall means at least 20 minutesin the dressing room.


Then, as part of the assignment, I took one of the shirts that fit and tried it on in every color. The most interesting part about all of this is that they didn't fit the same! The black and white stripe fit perfectly while the teal had way too much room under the arm and the olive had too much fabric in front, causing it to sag. Without this assignment, I never would have noticed that different versions of the same top can have different seam allowances and sizing within itself.


Sizing and Fit_TVxParsons_Assignment_


Now I know, if something doesn't fit the next time I go shopping, it may be worth trying it on in a different version (i.e. fabric or color), not just size.