This Blouse Is Everything!



"Hello mandmshowroomers! 

So, less than two months ago I was cruising through some stores and I was in New Yorker when I found this blouse that immediately caught my eye, so I bought it. This blouse is so special to me because of its classic black and white stripes, but actually this blouse is everything else BUT classic.


EzyWatermark2 (1)


Since it is buttoned-down at the front as well as at the back, it can be worn in multiple ways. It took me one afternoon to try wearing it in every way I could possibly think of. I also tried wearing it reverse and the only difference was the collar, of course. I only paid 10€ for it, although I realised its true worth only a few days later. It is so practial and adjustable that you could wear it two days in a row and no one would notice."




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