Upcoming May Events in Beauty and Fashion

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Events are always happening in the fashion and beauty industry. Every month, events such as award shows, trade shows, fashion shows and other consumer events happen all over the world - it’s just a matter of finding them, registering and attending.

Here are a few upcoming events that I chose for the Month of May:

1. NYX Face Awards (May 2) - The top 30 finalists of the NYX Face Awards will be announced. This is actually an event that goes on until August 20th, when the final winner is announced. Good luck everyone!

2. The Makeup Show NYC (May 1-2, 2016) - One of the, if not the largest makeup show yet! The show is also in Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Orlando and L.A.

3. Accessories the Show (May 2-4, 2016) - This is a trade event that showcases accessories to press and buyers. Make sure to sign up to their email updates. Runs concurrent with Moda Manhattan and FAME.

4. Moda Manhattan (May 2-4, 2016 - Trade show with over 200 collections showing. Runs concurrent with Accessories the Show and FAME.

5. FAME (May 2-4, 2016) - Bi-annual trade event showcasing junior and young contemporary fashion. Runs alongside Moda Manhattan and Accessories The Show.

6. Forbes Women’s Summit (May 11, 2016) - More than 250 leaders in business, politics, technology, media, philanthropy, fashion and entertainment take part in the annual Forbes Women's Summit: Power Redefined, Transforming the Rules of Engagement.

7. Vulture Festival (May 21-22, 2016) - If you love music, film, television and fashion, this is a must attend event! Open to the public, the 3rd Annual Vulture Festival caters to everyone! If interested, I suggest you get tickets ASAP! Many of the different events at the festival are already sold out! http://vulturefestival.com/events/

This is by no means a full comprehensive list of happenings in the Month of May. I found PLENTY, but narrowed them down to a few I think you would be interested in. Make sure you comment on which ones you like the best, are attending, would like to attend or if there are a few you think are good ones for the month of May. Enjoy!