Romance and blouses

This look is all about the romantic style I’ve been seeing more and more and I’m getting more in love with it by the day. These floaty romantic blouses with frills and sheer materials just have something so feminine and dainty about them. It just makes you want to wear them and feel like you’re in a romantic love movie. This blouse specifically is one of my favorite finds from (a new affordable website that I discovered through other bloggers). I highly recommend everyone who doesn’t want to spend much money to take a look at this site. I’m completely blown away by the quality and the selection of items (especially shoes and bikinis) they have.

Now that we went off the topic for a second I’m going to continue with the outfit again. Layering is still one of my favorite things to do and layering cute summer dresses over anything puts a smile on my face. I got this beautiful black floral lace dress from the Zara sale and I knew immediately that I want to pair it with this blouse underneath. They both have such a nice flow and with our Dutch wind acting out 24/7 the details come out so nicely – especially on pictures. And as per usual I finish off my girly looks with sneakers because it gives me the laid-back look I’m after and feel the most comfortable in.